Logistics Solutions

Logistics consultancy and management is concerned with the mechanics of managing the physical flow of material within the supply chain, and creating value from that flow. The value comes from the three critical requirements of ensuring that material is at the right place, at the right time and in the right quantity – using the most cost effective methods.

  • Are you looking to reduce or increase your network footprint? 

  • Do you need to know how many warehouses you need, where they should be located, how big they should be?

  • Do you also need to determine what resource you will require, what types of vehicles will suit your demand profile and what vehicle routes will need to be deployed?

All these questions we can answer for you through  Accenture Egypt logistics Consultants using optimization techniques, along with practical experience.

Logistics network design

Logistics networks are a connection of all the points in the supply chain where material moves to and from. Logistics networks are the ‘life blood’ of a business. Over time these networks often become fragmented; as territories change, customer ordering patterns fluctuate and as companies invest and divest, so the network can lose its efficiency.

How our consultants can help your business design and plan the right logistics network ?

Accenture Egypt logistics consultants have a wealth of expertise in both designing and implementing efficiency within logistics networks; from designing domestic transport operations through to outsourcing international freight, and from warehouse process improvements to the design of major distribution centers, our logistics consultants know how to deliver.

We can use our expertise to identify, design and implement potential efficiency improvements throughout a clients logistics network. We are able, using our own proprietary modeling tools and operational experience, to model and scenario test every aspect of a logistics network.

Distribution Management

Too many organizations operate out of distribution centers and warehouses that are outdated, inefficient, or dis-proportionally scaled to accommodate current business requirements. For fast-growing or high-volume companies, facility and operational constraints during a peak season can immediately impact service levels. Addressing potential issues before they impact your customers is critical to gain or maintain your competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

How our consultants can improve and control your distribution function?

Accenture Egypt uses assessment process in identifying key operational challenges, uncovering potential savings and building a business case for any modifications to your facility layout, systems, labor, utilities, transportation and inventory. Our recommendations are sound and practical. "We don’t seek change for the mere sake of change". Our assessment report will prioritize solutions based on cost, benefits and ease of implementation. It will also provide steps for execution. We ensure clients streamline their distribution processes, increase efficiencies and capacities, achieve higher productivity levels, reduce costs, and even extend the useful life of their facilities. 

Transport Management

Transportation often accounts for up to 70% of logistics spend. Optimization of routes and fleet profile can be a significant lever to reduce cost.

The aim of Transport Management operations is to minimize route time and Cost whilst maintaining the right service levels. We can provide expert support in not only Transport optimization, but also Delivery Optimization, location analysis and cost to serve assessment.

Transportation is a major cost factor within any logistics operation. Often transport accounts for up to 70% of logistics spend and rarely is it less than 30%. Consequently, maximizing the utilization of transport assets is a main area of focus for transport routing.

The ultimate goal of transport routing is to minimize route time or distance, whilst maximizing vehicle fill and reducing assets. Of course, this also needs to be balanced against service level agreements and operational constraints. This is where our consulting team excel; we can plan your transport operation at a granular level, whilst factoring in all constraints and service level requirements.

How our consultants can help improve your transport routes?

When considering all of the different levels of service requirement and operational criteria in most logistics operations, transport routing can become highly complex. Time windows, varying vehicle capacities, access restrictions and driving hours are just some of the constraints that make modeling the most efficient vehicle routes highly challenging.

Accenture Egypt Logistics Expertise are able to model the most efficient transport operations giving insight into optimal fleet configuration, vehicle and trailer numbers, drivers shifts and daily route plans. 

Tendering Management

Tendering logistics operations is not a typical procurement exercise – it is a first step in developing a long-term relationship with a 3rd party logistics provider.

The tender management process needs to accurately reflect not only the operational profile of the requirement, but also the aspiration and strategic direction of your company.

As well as reflecting the operational profile and direction of your business, a logistics tender needs to be put to the market in an open and engaging manner, and the tender needs to be managed very carefully by a team with extensive knowledge of the market and supplier capabilities.

Our logistics consultants have worked extensively in both tendering logistics opportunities and designing solutions in response to logistics tenders.

Let us manage your logistics tender and get the best solution for your business

One of the main reasons 3rd party logistics contracts fail is that operational and volume information is not accurately provided in the tender process, leading to the suppliers inaccurately modeling the requirement. This can then lead to resourcing, capacity and cost issues for the 3PL, which can ultimately lead to service failure.

As well as ensuring the operational requirements and volumes are accurately reflected in the tender, it is also critical that all responses are assessed against a background of the suppliers existing capabilities. A supplier’s business development team may make proposals within the process that aren’t consistent with their operational team’s views and priorities; consequently, it is important to engage with the potential supplier’s operations team, visit their existing contracts, as well as speak with their existing customers.

From start to finish, our consultants will manage every step of the tender process for you

To identify the right logistics partner and the right solution, it is critical to approach the logistics market with a fully considered and detailed tender. Accenture Egypt logistics consultants can manage the full tender process for you; from identifying the right suppliers, through to data collection, writing all required documentation and managing the tender process from start to finish.

3PL/4PL Solutions Management

We can guide you through the logistics outsourcing process and help you achieve maximum benefit

Logistics outsourcing is an increasingly common initiative in many industries. The requirement to outsource logistics has grown in line with globalization and increasing time and cost constraints on logistics operations. We’re here to guide and manage you through every aspect of outsourcing.

Outsourcing logistics or supply chain operations is a major undertaking, and requires a full understanding of the business case, full and detailed analysis of 3PL proposals from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective. To truly get the best solution from the 3PL market, companies need to engage providers in an open and collaborative way; they need to ensure that the logistics provider has a full and detailed understanding on how their operation works, and they need to approach the market with a clear and structured process.

How our Accenture Egypt consultants can help with outsourcing logistics?

Accenture Egypt Logistics consulting team have extensive experience of managing logistics solutions ,  Our logistics consultants are extremely well-versed in logistics outsourcing and the 3PL market. and can support your business to manage your logistics activities successfully.

Our Logistics Services :

  • Full Logistics Services and Management Solutions

    • Air Logistics Solutions ( Charter / Liner - General Cargo–Perishable– Dangerous Goods)

    • Ocean Logistics Solutions ( Charter – Containerized Cargo FCL / LCL) 

    • Inland Transport Solutions (Dry –Reefer –Heavy &Over sized–Bulk)

  • Projects Logistics Services (Charter Vessels  -Over-sized and Special Cargo)

  • Full Customs Clearance in All Egyptian Ports and Airports

  • Distribution and Warehouse Management Solutions

  • AOG Spare Parts - Ship Spare Parts Logistics  Management Service ( 24/7)

  • World Wide Coverage by 197 offices and Agents in main Airports and Ports Worldwide .

Logistics Cost Analysis and Performance Measurement

The Big Squeeze 

Cost reduction is a challenging subject in logistics . Too often we’ve seen companies just try to cut headcount in order to achieve quick cost reductions. This is often completely the wrong strategy. Cost reduction starts with a full survey and assessment. 

Because resources are needed to operate all major components of a logistics system, the components range from procurement to warehousing to transport and information systems; and they involve human, capital and material inputs. That is why we are here to manage your logistics cost .

Through comprehensive analysis, we can understand the changes in logistics costs, change of trends and classify according to business functions a detailed analysis of logistics costs. We then come up with strategies and a detailed analysis using different categories of indicators. Through this chronological analysis, we can master the logistics cost trends and controlled it to reduce unnecessary input and eliminate it's negative impact on overall business activities.

How our consultants can help your business to measure and define your logistics cost ?

Accenture Egypt can deploy methods and tactics to apply the lowest total logistics costs, implying an optimal shipment size or number of warehouses for a a specific freight distribution system.  You can depend on us to find such a goal to make your business Logistics Total Cost Optimized.