Management Support

At Accenture Egypt we help our clients improve their company's shareholder value, reduce operations business risk and cost , operating cycle time, shift from fixed to variable costs & improve their supply chain operations and network. 


Accenture Egypt collaborates closely with its clients, empowering them to better meet the challenges of today, while preparing them to exploit tomorrow’s opportunities.


Our Management Consulting Services focus on the following areas: 

  • Supply Chain Business Process Management

  • Supply Chain & Logistics Change Management 

  • Suppliers / Vendors Relationship Management 

  • Sales & Operations 

  • Supply Chain Business Dashboard Development 

  • Supply Chain Business Functions Synchronization

  • Projects Management 

  • Logistics Management



We offer extensive consultancy services for various industries

We proudly Serve the following sectors:


  • Automotive

  • Construction and Projects 

  • Retail - Offline and Online

  • Telecommunications

  • Industrial/ Manufacturing

  • Hotels / Hospitals

  • Consumer Goods/ FMCG

  • Life-sciences/Healthcare

  • Medical and Pharmaceutical


  • Industrial Equipment and Spare-parts

  • Natural Resources

  • Energy and Mining 

  • Oil & Gas/ Petrochemicals / Chemicals

  • High-Tech

  • Utilities

  • Agriculture

  • Livestock

  • Textile and Garments