Projects Logistics Solutions

At Accenture Egypt we Provide Projects Logistics Solutions Services (PLS). Special transport is our strength: How we as an international forwarding company plan your individual project and implement it successfully

In project logistics, transport is very complex, more extensive and more challenging. it's often over sized and over Dimensions than normal cargo. As an experienced international Projects Logistics Solutions Provider, we specialize in this area. Our expertise is your assurance for safe execution and smooth target achievement of the project. Whether you need to move parts for industrial equipment, heavy machinery or complete production sites - we know the best possible transport routes and the best possible handling for your loading.  Accenture Egypt with our experienced Projects Logistics Team are available to help you in more than 160 countries worldwide.


We know how to deal with Projects Logistics Obstacles professionally and routinely. Accenture Egypt is specialized in Projects Logistics cargo.


Our Projects Logistics Solutions Services Include

  • Worldwide shipments with Liners and charters shipping companies

  • Direct and charter flights

  • Cross trades across all continents

  • Pre- and post-carriage on road, rail

  • Special Cranes ( High Beams - Long Beams -Heavy Lifts)

  • Special Trucks ( Low Bids - Telescope Trailer - Normal Trailer)

  • Lashing and Secure Shipments

  • Worldwide door-to-door transport services

  • Special transports

  • Oversize and heavy load shipments

  • Break bulk

  • Health, Safety and Environmental Management

  • Tracking and tracing with Real Time

  • Transport insurance

  • Customs clearance, document management

  • Packaging and labeling

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Our Strength is Your Advantage

  • Availability of the PLS-Team: 24/7/365 in 3 shifts

  • All requests are answered by a member of our PLS team.

  • Worldwide cooperation through our worldwide Coverage