Sourcing Solutions

 Sourcing is a critical business function that has significant and direct impact on bottom-line performance.Procurement spend can account for as much as 50 percent of an organization’s total annual expenditure. Savings attained through effective sourcing and procurement practices enable companies to reinvest in growth, personnel, facilities and equipment to drive improved performance.Our team are here to ensure that your sourcing plan is highly effective , optimized and secured.

Strategic Sourcing

We understand the challenges of strategic sourcing and help companies align their strategies with the goals of the enterprise. We create flexible frameworks to respond faster in volatile market conditions. This flexibility plays a key role in a company’s ability to respond to the evolving needs of customers.

We’re here to help you set efficient sourcing plan through improved procurement management , design and layout

How our Sourcing consultants can help your business  need?

At Accenture Egypt we will help to set ;

  • Leveraging scale across diverse divisions and operating groups (purchasing power)

  • Segmenting spend and applying the appropriate category management and sourcing strategy to each category (centralized, central-led, decentralized)

Sourcing and Procurement Transformation

We work with organizations to successfully transform sourcing and procurement departments to meet internal and external needs. We use a proven phased approach to address key components of this transformation, starting with an experience-based assessment and followed by parallel delivery of savings and sustaining capabilities. We then work with you to develop and implement a roadmap to successfully streamline processes and improve business functions.

We can manage , design and secure the sourcing management policy your business needs

How our inventory consultants can help your business achieve its goals?

We have significant experience in Sourcing management,  aligning the efficiency and effectiveness policy through procure-to-pay processes and clarity of roles and responsibilities . Accenture Egypt can help clients decrease the risks on their business, and how secure sourcing channels .

Contract Management and Compliance

We help clients control spend and ensure contract compliance through development of measures and controlling activities. Our experts combine diverse industry backgrounds with current industry benchmarking data to identify costs savings and manage risk associated with poorly-written contracts.

Let our team reduce waste and improve your business rights with your vendors and suppliers


How Our Sourcing consultants can improve your contracts processes to drive efficiency?

At Accenture Egypt we will help to set ;

  • Managing risks associated with poorly written contracts

  • Controlling spend and ensuring contract compliance across the organization

Spend Analysis and Opportunity Assessment

 We in Accenture Egypt work with organizations to understand spend categories and identify strategies to reduce costs. Procurement covers a broad array of spend and subcategories with specific importance varying by industry and organization. Segmenting spend and applying the appropriate category management and sourcing strategy is critical to the success of a procurement organization.

How our consultants can help your business to measure and define your Spend cost ?

At Accenture Egypt we will help to set ;

  • Attaining accurate and complete visibility of spend across company

  • Outlining clear ownership, accountability and fiscal responsibility on spend management

  • Building and retaining procurement skills and category expertise in strategic spend areas