Supply-Chain Solutions


Supply chain consultancy and management is concerned with ensuring that efficient processes and networks are in place to facilitate the logistics of getting material to the right place, at the right time and in the right quantity. We’re here to help you to do just that by providing expert support in all aspects of supply chain planning.

Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting is a key requirement, not just for sales budgeting, but to enable efficient utilization of assets, reduced operating costs and improved customer service.

The demand planning process that delivers the forecast should always be a cross-functional process ensuring the engagement of the production, logistics, finance, marketing and of course sales.

We are experts in the design of demand planning processes, along with the development of statistical models to support baseline forecasting.

How our consultants can help your business take demand forecasting and demand planning to the next level?

A good demand forecast can only be the result of a good demand forecasting process. That process needs to be fast and dynamic for all participating functions, and it needs to have cross-functional consensus. 

Depending on client requirements, we can take several approaches to develop a demand forecast according to the type of business and nature of industry. 

Supply Chain Planning

 Supply chain activities can absorb a high proportion of businesses sales revenue and consequently detailed planning and cost optimization become critical.

The science of supply chain planning is optimizing how functions like production, order processing, procurement, warehousing and transport interrelate., ensuring your customers get the required service through the lowest cost to market.

Supply chain planning requires a host of skills, from applied mathematics to organizational behavior. We can help you optimize your supply chain processes.

How our consulting team can help your business improve supply chain performance?

Effective supply chain planning is the ‘glue’ that ensures physical logistics operations are synchronized with the cost and service drivers of a business. Supply chain planning processes should always be designed to be simple, efficient and, of course, effective.

Our supply chain consultants have a wealth of experience in all aspects of planning efficient and effective supply chains; from designing distribution centers through to aligning strategy and operations with S&OP platforms.

pt is here to ensure your supply chain is optimized and efficient.

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

S&OP should, at its foundation, be a simple and a quick function executed monthly business process to ensure that supply and demand are balanced on the mid-to-long term horizon. The objective of S&OP is to act on any capacity constraints or reduced sales before they impact the operational execution plans.

We have undertaken several major S&OP designs and implementations. We are available to assist you with conceptual design, fully detailed process design, sales forecasting, capacity planning and portfolio management.


How our S&OP consultants can help your business ?

S&OP should be a simple process, that is fully understood by all stakeholders and fully engaged with by the Senior Managers. Very often existing S&OP processes become over-complicated and ultimately fail due to time constraints or a lack of engagement.

Our consultants have designed, fully implemented and managed S&OP processes for many major, multinational and Local organizations. We can support you with the full design and implementation of S&OP or the auditing and improvement of an existing S&OP or Integrated Business Planning (IBP) process.

Procurement Management

Procurement Management is the process of finding, agreeing terms and acquiring goods, services or works from an external source, often via a tendering or competitive bidding  process. 

Accenture Egypt provides clients a flexible set of custom configured Procurement Management Solutions, Processes and Procedures to meet their specific needs. From end-to-end procurement outsourcing to point solutions like category management, strategic sourcing and procurement operations. 

How our consultants can help your business take your Procurement Management to the next level?


  • Identify opportunities, make purchases and payments all through a unified procurement procedures 

  • Accelerate time to value

  • Manage savings through procurement transactions 

  • Design Supplier's Activities profiles and Supplier's / Vendor Assessments 

  • Enable information flow, process and workflow and speed up your end-to-end procurement process

  • Facilitate greater collaboration and synergy between your procurement and finance teams

  • Standardize on field-tested, procurement process management best practices and workflows

Production Planning

Effective Production Planning is a key to ensure efficient manufacturing operations. Correctly designed, systems driven production planning enables a manufacturing operation to align resource and material requirements in accordance with both internal and external demand signals.

Our consultants can map all the required production planning processes for you, from strategic S&OP right down to the execution of a production schedule. Furthermore, where production planning functionality in your ERP isn’t available, or not suited to purpose, then our consultants are able to design, build and deploy robust production planning and scheduling tools for you.

How our Production Planning consultants can help your business?

Traditionally, production planning focused solely on material requirements planning (referred to as MRP), but has now evolved to include materials and resources (referred to as MRPII). MRPII is often supported within some of the major Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms which look to advance MRPII further by integrating the planning process with other business functions, such as finance and customer service.

Inventory Optimization

Inventory is often one of the most expensive assets a company own. Inventory should be justified and optimized. We can deliver the modeling, process and implementation of an efficient and optimized inventory policy, helping you to improve service and reduce working capital.

Our team is expert in inventory optimization, working with both SMEs and major international corporations. We know exactly how to balance inventory cost with service and get the right inventory levels at the right points in the supply chain. If you’re struggling with slow moving and obsolete stock or inventory levels that are generally too high we can help you to optimize your inventory .

How our inventory consultants can help your business get control of inventory levels?

Our inventory consultants can undertake a full inventory analysis for you. There are many approaches to establish optimal inventory targets, depending on the client requirements and industry sector. 

Supply Chain Risk Management

Business in the balance

There's too much at stake. Take action now to reduce risk. 

Count on Accenture Egypt 

Enterprises need resilient supply chains to minimize the negative impacts of disruptions on revenues, costs, and customers. Not surprisingly, understanding and effectively managing supply chain risk is a key capability for building and maintaining resilient supply chains.

How our consultants can help your business take to mitigate your business risk?

Accenture Egypt supply chain risk management services enable clients to proactively assess, prioritize, mitigate and manage risk for improved business results. Our supply chain experts help you map your supply networks, identify risks, assess potential impacts and prepare supply chain contingency plans well in advance to mitigate risks and ensure business continuity. 

Our supply chain experts help you to identify risks, assess potential impacts and prepare supply chain contingency plans well in advance to mitigate risks and ensure business continuity.  Egypt comprehensive approach toward supply chain risk management ensures that companies implement the right level of structure, rigor and consistency in managing supply chain risk across multiple business units, functions and regions.

Our unique combination of robust processes, big data feeds, augmented artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and reporting frameworks helps enterprises proactively identify and mitigate supply chain risk.

Supply Chain Audit

Accenture Egypt can help you identify & deliver savings / lowering the costs and improving the performance & quality in your supply chain with our supply chain audits.

 For example:

  • Full SupplY Chain Management Performance Assessment

  • Full Supply chain performance audit 

  • 3rd Party Logistics contract performance 

  • Inventory performance 

  • Procurement performance

  • Sales Forecasting performance

  • Sales & Operations Planning performance

  • Supply Chain Strategy 

  • Transport fleet performance 

  • Warehouse processes performance 


Supply Chain Cost Analysis

Profits can be increased without having to increase sales

Supply chain costs often represent a considerable percentage of the sales price of a good or service. Cost savings flow directly to the bottom line.

If for example, net profit on sales is 5%, a reduction in supply chain costs from 9% to 4% or from 12% to 7% will double net profits. Accenture Egypt Expertise work on your business Supply Chain cost reduction .

How Much Does Your Supply Chain Cost You Today? And What Should It Cost You?

Effective supply chain cost reduction relies on a macro as well as a micro approach, and mental flexibility too. Those who still work in silo mode will be oblivious to the balances of costs between departments that will yield the best overall cost reductions, while safeguarding customer service and satisfaction. We are here to work on your Supply Chain Cost by using the latest approach and methodologies to bench-marking your business against your industry.